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About US


Our Company has been builded up on 2005 by Andy,We are full-time & professional e-business sellers. I(Andy Feng) am graduate from CAU(China Agricultural University) on the year 2006.I begin to do e-business on ebay when I am a student.Now our company has 6 employees:..

Feng is our family name,Artsfeng brand.Welcome Friends from all over the world to do business with us. Affordable,High quality,Super Customer Service are our goal. Carries more than 3 kinds about several thousands kinds of goods from China, Including:
a) Sword Fitting:Tsuba Fuchi kashira Menuki for Japanese samurai sword katana,wakizashi,tanto;


b) Painting & scroll:Antique old vintage chinese traditional paintings,drawing & calligraphy;


c) Snuff Bottle:Porcelains,Minerals,functionals with super brass scoop for your collections.



We ship our products worldwide. We will ship your snuff bottle and paintings separately in case broken.


We’ve got some amazing discounts for you if you are a businessman.More detail see shipping & Discount. es and promotions.

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Room 7-1-403,xiyuechuntian,Beizangcun Town
artsfeng_001#yahoo.com, 0086-13261816191