How to distinct printed painting from pure hand painted paintings?

1.Why artsfeng's painting is deserve your collection?

First,our paintings are 100% pure manual,Not printed.We can get more printed or half-printed paintings,but it's not our target.The only aim of artsfeng is 100% pure manual painting,no-printed.Our paintings are sold to all over the world,Our customers demands only 100% pure hand paintings.If you get printed painting from us,we'll return your money including postage.
Second,for pure hand painted old style paintings,the price is reasonable.We try best to control the profits in a reasonable range.We believe a reasonable price will benifits three sides (painters,Us and Customers.) one thirds profits makes painters devoted themselves to painting;one thirds profits for artsfeng to Maintain business and provide better service;one thirds profits to customers so that they will become a returned customer.
We sell brand paintings,also maintain theory of three sides win-win.
2.How to distinct printed painting from pure hand painted paintings?
According my 10 years experience,if the paintings is very cheap,
if a complex birds flower painting sells at the price USD15 Or USD10,you should take care.
somes seller advertise their paintings are half-painted,actually,this maybe a lie.the workerman(not painted) may brush a few line or only coloring.These work like adding legs to a snake.we oppose this behaviors.
Most of this fake painting is figure theme or flower theme.generally the out line be printed and the workman or students fill the color.the overall appearance is not coordinate.
Distinction:You can use a magnifying glass.Our paintings is painted by chinese ink,but printed scrolls is printed by carbon dust.
the painted is much more vivid than Printed.
Please don't worry,if you have any questions or need distinctions,we will proivde free service for you.
please email us big detail photos or send your items to us.

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