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What is the Shipping way?

a) What is the Shipping way?
Generally according to our experience:
1.EUB(7-14 days),(<=2kg. common package,To USA)
Tracking site:www.usps.comThe Tracking number such as:LN123456789CN

2.Air mail: valid business days (<=2kg. common package,To worldwide)

Tracking net:

If total value is under USD15,there will not a tracking number.
Air mail's tracking number beginning with RA:RA429419126CN.
The post office net just show limited infromation.Please understand.

3.YW express: 5-7 valid business days (urgent or important products,To worldwide,Brazil, Poland,Russian,India Etc is dear) .<=30KG.
Tracking Net:
Tracking number beginning with YW:Such as tracking number:EYW73753245CN.with enough tracking information.

4.EMS Express:5-7 valid business days(important products,to Most countries of world wide).

EMS tracking number beginning with EE:Such as EE870070006CN.

5.Economy way for heavy pacakge-SAL:it will take 16-45 valid business days to deliver it(>=2kg,heavry package,Cheap value products,economy way,not to worldwide)
(Available Country for:United States,UK,Canada,France,Italy,Germany,Austria,Netherlands,Poland,Ireland,Switzerland,Sweden,Denmark,
Tracking net:

SAL tracking number beginning with CP:Such as CP201978544CN.
with limited information,please understand.

Tracking informations will take several days after shipping depend on Post office's processing.
We will choose the Best and economy way for you depend the order's value and weight.
Delivery time will be delayed when Festival,Holiday,Snowing,raining or other act of God.
b) How to calculate Postage?

Snuff bottle:

USD4 for the first bottle,USD0.1 for each additional one.
Ex:if you buy 4 snuff bottles,Postage will be USD7(4+0.1+0.1+0.1=4.3).
Stopper,tape,scoop:USD4 for the first one,USD0.1 for each additional one.


USD8 for the first one,USD5 for each additonal one.
If you buyer not only snuff bottle,but also paintings,we will ship out your paintings and snuff bottles separately incase any broken.
If you purcahse stoppers and painting,we will ship them together.Please understand.

If you have any questions,Please feel free to contact with us.

Member Policy

EMS postage is USD23 dear Than Air mail postage.


We are glad to provide better discount if you are a businessman.
You have to registered on our site so that we can upgrade your discount depend on your total amount.
Discount(on price) Rank Account(accumulating or one time total)

10% off Bronze buyer >=USD1
15% off Silver buyer >=USD50
20% off Gold Buyer >=USD100

If you total order(for all time) is exceed the amount that showed,please contact with us,we will inform you the coupon code.

How To Use Coupon Code?

Pleaseclick here to see how to use coupon code.
The coupon code space will show out when Submitted your order.


We ship our products worldwide. We will ship your snuff bottle and paintings separately in case broken.


We’ve got some amazing discounts for you if you are a businessman.More detail see shipping & Discount. es and promotions.

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