Stopper Process


Choose your snuff bottle on our site.Each title of snuff bottle with a diameter of it's lips.
  • Such as Φ14mm.

Choose the fitted stopper for your snuff bottle.Generally Φ14mm and Φ16mm will both fit a Φ15mm lips of snuff bottle.

The left stopper is a little smaller,the middle one is a little bigger,the right one is fitted.

Next you need to buy Dermatoglyph tape and long brass scoop.You can bid on our site by searching tape or scoop.
Or else you can substitute tape with thin cotton thread.

Please ready alcohol lamp,tongs,gloves.You must choose a fire with blue flame.Or else the flame will black the cover.

Wear the glove,use the flame to burn snuff bottle stopper so that the short scoop will be easily removed from the pipe.
Please wear glove,or else your hand will be burned.

This is a stopper which scoop has been removed.

Measure the depth of the snuff bottle with a long scoop and marking.
Generally there should be a 10-15mm distance.

Cut the long scoop by the mark.

Then you got the following.

Please use 502 glue the scoop to pipe.but don't too much in case spilling out on pipe.

Use the Dermatoglyph tape to wrap the brass pipe.

Now everything is OK.You get a fitted fucthional snuff bottle stopper.


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